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Wasting time looking for real estate in Edmonton was not an option for us. James Knull helped us select suitable properties for our portfolio with laser precision.  His knowledge of the Edmonton Real Estate market is second to none and his extensive local network allowed us to easily tap into many of the available resources in Edmonton. This made our experience seamless.  As a rental property investor himself, James made sure we were able to avoid any investment mistakes that could occur in long-term real estate investing.  When it came time to execute our exit strategy, James’ service was indispensable.  Prior to listing the properties, he offered several ideas to improve the curb appeal and marketability of the houses. This meant we were able to secure multiple offers that were either above the asking price or just under the asking price! For us, this was a dream. James has been instrumental in our real estate success story and I can’t speak highly enough of his services. We would recommend James to anybody looking to buy or sell property in the Edmonton area.


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