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Why Infills?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

“Infill is important to building a sustainable city.”

Infill properties play a big part in keeping Edmonton the vibrant and growing city it is. Infill development encourages environmental sustainability by increasing resident’s opportunity to use transit, walk or cycle around their community. Building infill properties in mature communities is vital because they are often much closer to commercial destinations and transit hubs.

The Residential Infill Guidelines established by the City of Edmonton in 2009 encourages developers to create buildings that are adaptable to reuse. These guidelines encourage green building features in medium and large scale infill projects (like apartments and long lines of row housing).

Infill properties also encourage economic and fiscal sustainability by utilizing existing infrastructure and services more efficiently and developing densities that support better transit. By using existing infrastructure, the city gets more value out of its investments. In addition, by having people utilize the services already in place, the city can focus on maintaining and upgrading, instead of building brand new services at the edge of the city. Infill development also creates options within Edmonton neighborhoods that fit diverse financial needs.

Infill housing supports social sustainability. By allowing people to say in the communities they love which, in turn, the social fabric of those communities are strengthened.

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