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Top 5 Tips: Airbnb Beginners

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Coleman Washbrook's top 5 tips for listing your own Airbnb property.

1) High Quality Photos - Photo's are the #1 most important part of the listing. Photo's catch the guests eyes and attracts them to read more about your listing and what you have to offer.

2) Listing Title - You want an informative title that describes the benefits, not the features of your listing.

3) Design/Furniture Strategy - Create an ideal client/avatar of who would ideally be staying at your property. Then design and furnish your property to attract this ideal person.

4) Listing Optimization - Complete all of the sections necessary to describe your listing. If there are any downfalls of your listing, be sure to be open and transparent about those too.

5) Pricing Tool - Using a pricing tool properly can increase your revenue by 10-40% easily. It increases or decreases your pricing based off of demand, events, occupancy etc to maximize your profitability.

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