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Interview with Tyler Uzelman, Property Manager with Libertas Property Management

Tyler, tell us a bit about what you guys do?

We basically manage residential and single family properties in Edmonton and area. We've been doing it ever since 2007 and I think we are pretty good at what we do!

What has been one of your biggest learning experiences?

I would probably say managing our own portfolio for a number of years has really taught us a lot of things when it comes to making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. A piece of advice I do have is to make sure your lease covers everything that it needs to cover.

What advice would you give to others that are thinking of buying a rental property and starting out landlording their own property?

I think it would have to be to learn as much as you can and as fast as you can. Landlording has a pretty steep learning curve. If you don't want to learn then be sure to surround yourself with professionals that know their craft really well.

As we know, you are going to be our Keynote speaker at our upcoming July Mogul Mastermind. Can you give us a little teaser as to what you are going to talk about?

I am very excited about that! It's basically going to be on how to build a relationship with your property manager as well as some do's and dont's. It is going to be one of the strongest relationships you are going to have because they are going to manage your property for years and years.

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