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How to Stay Consistent with Your Goals While Managing a Busy Lifestyle

Interview with Calvin Hexter, Realtor at Mogul Realty Group.

How do you find balance in your life?

I think the most important thing when finding balance is asking yourself: what are your key objectives? What kind of results are you looking at achieving? Then actually planning ahead. So for example, a lot of the time people have a hard time when it comes to eating properly. Something that I do every single Sunday is plan all of my meals for the week. It helps improve my energy, my sleep, and I end up having more time in the week.

How do you stay consistent with your live well practices?

I think I would go back to planning ahead in order to create good habits. It's very easy to look at somebody that seems very well balanced in the beginning and see that it is going to be a big mountain to climb to get where they are. So try taking small little steps. Little things like if you find yourself becoming de-hydrated, start drinking a bit more water everyday. A great tip is to try to carry around larger bottles of water to encourage to drink more. Start with that habit, do it for 30 days then create another habit. You will start to create this really great balance over time and you will be very surprised on how far you have come.

What has been your biggest learning experience since becoming a Realtor?

My biggest learning experience was that it is constantly go, go, go. You are always on. You are always going to have clients asking you questions. There are always going to be challenges that you have to overcome. It's also not a 9am - 5pm job - it's literally a 9am - 9pm job. So I think it is important to time-block important items in your day, the week ahead of time. Things like going to the gym, making time for family & friends, and having time to just de-compress. 

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