How to "Live Well"​ While Owning a Business

An Interview with James Knull, Owner and Realtor of Mogul Realtor Group.

1. How do you find time to own a business and live well?

For me, it's about prioritization. For example, when people have ten things to do in a day, most of the time, people put themselves as the tenth priority to ensure that the first nine get done and constantly skip out on taking time for themselves. For me, I take the personal time and make it the first thing I do and then if the tenth thing that get's skipped in my day is a different priority - then that is fine by me.

2. In what ways do you like by Mogul's motto "Live Well"?

I have always had a work hard, play hard mentality. I then transfer that way of thinking into Mogul's corporate culture. For me, "Live Well" means working really hard to provide a great a lifestyle but then it also means celebrating those successes and having a great time doing it.

3. What has been your biggest learning experience while being a Realtor and owning your own business?

I would say it's all about balance. It's really easy to go down the rabbit hole of working 70 - 80 hours a week, especially when you are really passionate about your career. I have had times in my life where my health and fitness has suffered and I've had times in my career where my friendships have suffered because I was so into a project I was doing. After 10 years in the business, the concept of "Live Well" really started to become important.

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