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Mogul Mastermind meetings are an opportunity to network with other investors, professionals in the community, and our educating presenters.

Networking Event


Our monthly Investor focused meetings are designed to help investors new and experienced learn something that helps them in their journey.



Your network is your net worth. We believe in fostering a community where you can continue to connect. We offer this platform monthly for that reason. 

Every month James Knull and his expert colleagues host a discussion group with various practical topics relating to Real Estate investment. Whether you are flipping or buying and holding for cash flow, the topics we cover will be very helpful to build your business. 

-Financial property analysis

-Renovation tips

-Joint venture structuring

-Market analysis

-Rent to own strategies

-Multifamily purchasing

- Agreement for sale 

- Land lording 

- Business Systems 

- Financing Strategies 

- Infill Development 

- Success Stories 

What Our Attendees Are Saying

I've always had a great experience working with James. He is knowledgeable and helpful. I've really enjoyed his Mogul Mastermind workshops as well.
Tim Schneider 

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