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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Canadian buyers, sellers, and investors. This is what they thought of the Mogul experience.

James is exactly what I was looking for in a Realtor who could help me with the purchase of my investment properties. He provided information and showed me properties that were a good fit for my investment portfolio. We looked at several types of cash-flowing properties and didn't stop until we found the property that fit my strict purchase requirements. I'll continue to work with James as my investment Realtor and would recommend him to any novice or veteran investor. 

- Ryan Bastian, REIN Member

Customer Rating: ★★★★

Wasting time looking for real estate in Edmonton was not an option for us. James Knull helped us select suitable properties for our portfolio with laser precision.  His knowledge of the Edmonton Real Estate market is second to none and his extensive local network allowed us to easily tap into many of the available resources in Edmonton. This made our experience seamless.  As a rental property investor himself, James made sure we were able to avoid any investment mistakes that could occur in long-term Real Estate investing.  When it came time to execute our exit strategy, James’ service was indispensable.  Prior to listing the properties, he offered several ideas to improve the curb appeal and marketability of the houses. This meant we were able to secure multiple offers that were either above the asking price or just under the asking price! For us, this was a dream.  James has been instrumental in our real estate success story and I can’t speak highly enough of his services. We would recommend James to anybody looking to buy or sell property in the Edmonton area.   

- Bob & Michelle Laird

 Customer Rating: ★★★★★

James is truly professional. I cannot say enough good things about James. We have used him as our realtor for two investment properties; however, James has provided us far more value than simply helping us close these 2 deals. James has provided us contacts of plumbers, handymen, appliance repair, and other professionals. He has given us immense support with his knowledge of the rental industry as it relates to the Edmonton market, as well as how it relates to the Alberta law. He has given us tons of landlord-related advice and support. It is clear, having worked with James for just over 1 year, that James has one primary focus: Helping his clients in whatever way they need him. He responds to texts and emails in a timely fashion and never shies away from providing advice, even if the 'work' of providing that advice doesn't mean he closes any additional business. He has demonstrated to us that he has an "add value first" mindset - and is willing to help anyone who comes to him. He would rather give away free advice to a few who may never use him for a deal and impress many other, rather than try to be proprietary and ensure that he only gives advice to "serious" clients. I would recommend him to anyone considering an investment property, regardless of the size of your portfolio or even if you're looking to buy your first one. In fact, I would recommend him so strongly that a few months ago I went out of my way to get 5-6 of his business cards and I make a point of carrying them with me in case I run into someone at a networking event who would need a realtor, and I pass out his cards for him. He is the kind of person who goes so above and beyond you as his client, that you just feel like you want to do the same for him.

- Simon and Kathy Ghali
Customer Rating: ★★★★★

Working with James was terrific! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and well connected, plus he's a veteran real estate investor himself. Which, for me, was a real benefit when choosing someone to work within this arena. James is not only a fantastic agent, guide, and mentor, he has become an integral player in the growth of my real estate portfolio.

- Reka Beatty
Customer Rating: ★★★★★

It was a pleasure working with both of you as well. Thanks for all your help and advice. It made the first multi not as scary knowing I had you and your experience watching out for me.

- Steve Rowland
Customer Rating: ★★★★★

James played a key role in my real estate investment venture by offering valuable market and product knowledge as well as connections to high-performing suppliers. Exceeding my expectation, James served as my mentor throughout the purchasing process by providing value-adding advice on property research, negotiation, due diligence, closing, and post-closing management. As an out-of-town investor, I am thoroughly impressed with James’ professionalism, diligence, and efficiency and would be glad to refer James to anyone interested in real estate in Edmonton.

- Tonny Lam

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

I have been interested in investment properties for years but was hesitant to get the ball rolling. I had a lack of knowledge and found the whole process to be quite overwhelming.  I was introduced to James and within weeks I was looking for tenants! He helped me turn years of thought into action.  Before I met James, the idea of building my investment portfolio seemed daunting.  Now I consider it almost a hobby. James' knowledge and openness to share his knowledge have saved me years of learning.  James is smart, savvy yet humble and honest.  Working with James has been one of the best professional decisions I've ever made.  I look forward to continuing to learn from James while growing my portfolio. I would recommend James to anyone who's serious about becoming independently wealthy.


- Ryan Petaske
Customer Rating: ★★★★★

I first met James when he spoke at a REIN meeting. He is a real estate expert and is willing to share his knowledge freely. He introduced me to a mortgage broker, lawyer, and property manager to assist me. James sets himself apart from other realtors, in that he is also a real estate investor, and understands my needs. He shows me properties that fit my criteria. He makes the process of purchasing properties seamless, and in fact, two of my property purchases closed while I was out of the country, and everything went according to plan. I have introduced my friends to James and will continue to do so. I see James as an important part of my real estate team and will continue to do business with him as I grow my real estate portfolio.

- Adhikar Gokul

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

James is an experienced, young professional realtor, who has shared some of his experiences on how he built his real estate portfolio of cash-flowing properties.  As novice investors, we relied on his advice, insights, and his network of professionals going through the purchase of our first rental property together.  His knowledge and experiences are quite inspirational to us, and we find his advice as a sense of mentoring providing us knowledge and connections that have helped us build our team.  We have been investing in real estate for a few years, starting out with acquiring basement-suited homes as our investment properties, which James has started out the same.  He brings value-added expert knowledge in specializing in one of his niche areas, basement suited homes.   We have found that James’s business model and investment mentality are aligned with our current goals and aspirations, which made him the type of realtor that fits with our priorities.  In addition to focusing on suited homes, he provides a service that meets our specific needs such as setting up detailed searches of the types of properties we are looking for.  Through his system, we have found an investment property that cash flows in an area that is well desired, where he has negotiated for good value for us.

- Cindy Louie

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

I have been investing in real estate for over 28 years and have dealt with many realtors. In all that time I found three that understood what I was looking for and James is the best of them. James understands his market, what prices should be, both buying and selling, and what rents can be demanded in my rental units. He has always been accurate. With every transaction, I have done with James he has made me money with his knowledge and negotiation ability. He is a full disclosure man as well and this is appreciated. What is really great is he returns calls, emails and takes the initiative in many cases. James has a “Let’s get down to business” attitude and I am looking forward to working with him on many more projects.

- Murray Wood

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

Yes. So far everything is smooth.  Both units are rented out.  Randy is on top of his property management.  This purchase is a great investment.  Please pass on my big thanks to James for his hard work, showing me 5-6 of good picks, and allowing me to select the best one. This duplex IS a rare find.

- Helen Xu

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

I am pleased to be able to recommend James. I interviewed several realtors before deciding to work with him, but he stood out in the amount of time and detailed explanation he gave me. This went beyond excellent knowledge of the Edmonton market to tailoring that knowledge to my specific investment needs. Going beyond that, having his knowledge of suited houses gave me the confidence to expand my scope and take on projects to create profitable secondary suites. When working with James I value his accessibility and availability, he has always been there when needed to make a deal go through, check out a property or give advice. I certainly could not have gotten where I am without him.

- John Rogers

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

James has been the main factor in getting me out of analysis paralysis.  He made it very straightforward and easy to understand what all of my steps would be.  He showed me examples of good properties and bad properties to be able to distinguish the two.  I had a rough plan on what I wanted to do with real estate investing and James helped me to clarify my plan to align with my present and future goals.  James has been very accurate on his projected numbers for rents and vacancies as well as tenant profiles for each property.   I feel very confident in James' abilities as a realtor and as an investor and would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating getting into real estate investing.

- Ryan Pomedli

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

James Knull is the realtor of choice for investors. Here are the things that set him apart from other real estate investors... 1) FOCUS. James is focused nearly exclusively on the needs of investors, and that makes a huge difference. 2) NETWORK. James is a force in Edmonton and knows all the players, delivering value to clients by helping them meet each other. 3) MENTORSHIP. James takes the time to mentor new investors and shares with him his knowledge, which is vast. 4) HUSTLE. He does whatever it takes to get the deal done, and he especially shines when circumstances call for out-of-the-box thinking and action. I have witnessed this. All in all, I think James Knull is an excellent choice for this award!!

- Matt Davis

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

After interviewing and attempting to work with many realtors in the Edmonton market, we finally found one that had the competency and professionalism we were looking for. James, an investor himself, has a keen eye for properties that represent a great balance between quality, price, and revenue potential. An expert negotiator, he always knows which approach to take and is able to formulate good arguments and reasoning for the offers we present. We enjoy working with James and he is a very valuable member of our team.

- Peter Merabian
Customer Rating: ★★★★★

Working with James Knull as a realtor for our investment properties has been great. James is goal-oriented and very knowledgeable in our target markets. This is important to me as an investor as it saves valuable time and helps to create results. When we look at properties they are those that meet our criteria, and James will prescreen those with a potential for cash flow. James has also demonstrated a commitment to go that extra mile when we’ve needed his help in making a deal work out smoothly. Successfully investing in real estate involves many more steps than a straightforward home purchase and James has always been a big help in accomplishing these tasks. Overall we’ve found James to be a great asset to our real estate team. As an active investor himself he understands our business and how he can contribute to its success. We have recommended James to both friends and family, and do so now without hesitation.

- Tyler and Diana Wolfe, Dominion Street Homes

Customer Rating: ★★★★★

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