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At Mogul, we value hard work, determination and consistency. The Mogul team believes in going above and beyond within each transaction to provide an excellent Real Estate experience. 

We believe in celebrating our successes and having fun while doing them. Having balance in our lives is crucial to our success as a team and having fun is a great way to end a hard days work.

At Mogul, we lead by example in creating balance in our day to day lives so we can serve you better. This commitment to balance is the essence of our delivery and equips us to be the best.


The Mogul Team has strong roots in both Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. Collectively the team owns well over 500 doors worth of investment Real Estate in both cities. We walk the investor walk and that passion for investing has lead us to serve investors across Western Canada.


Over the years, Vancouver investors have looked to Edmonton as a place to find stable cash flowing property.  At the same time, Edmonton investors enjoy the equity growth Vancouver has to offer. The two cities offer two different value propositions which helps to create a well-diversified portfolio of Real Estate assets for investors.


At Mogul, we’re proud to do business in both cities to provide a bridge that investors can count on. We help Vancouverites buy in Vancouver and Edmontonians buy in Edmonton. Best of all, we help each invest in the other market helping make investing in a different city a great and profitable experience.


No matter which city you are planning to target, Mogul Realty Group’s expert Realtors will be thrilled to guide you through the steps of building your portfolio!



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Vancouver Office



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